They’ve Been Everywhere! – Leg 2 & Bingo Card Rider Bonus Photos

The riders in the 2023 IBR spanned the US and Canada during the event. We pulled a sampling of the riders’ submitted bonus photos to show where they’ve been. Across this gallery, and the galleries for Leg 1 and Leg 3, every rider who submitted photos in scoring is represented with no duplications on locations.

Road Kill Cafe Selfies

During rally development we identified four “Road Kill” restaurant locations around the US. One was in each quadrant of the continental US: Northwest, Southwest, Southeast, and Northeast. These were Holly’s Road Kill Saloon in McLeod, Montana, the famous Road Kill Cafe on Route 66 in Seligman, Arizona, another Road Kill Cafe in Elberta, Alabama, and yet another Road Kill Cafe in Artemas, Pennsylvania. The location in Artemas, Pennsylvania is roughly…

Public Spotwalla Tracking Page is Live

The public Spotwalla tracking page is now live at the link below. ID numbers are reassigned on a regular basis. All motorcycles are currently impounded in the hotel parking lot and riders are ready to go starting at 10AM EDT. This link will remain on the Tracking page under the Rally Data Menu on this website.