The strangeness in these voice-to-text transcriptions is not the fault of the riders, but it’s just too entertaining not to share. While putting this together late tonight, one of us who will not be named was snort-laughing too hard to talk. We hope this software never gets an upgrade.

“Hi, Jeff, this is Nick, Burn Spider 70.Brain Field. Kansas.You’re there anyway.Recent.Oh, three finger card that’s Popeyes Hays, Kansas,proceedB O D, Buckhorn Exchange. Denver, Colorado. And I can, stop by is Fran into a fan was pretty strange.Barry.That I was in a hurry.Quick chat,miles all around,Could pick me up.”

“This is Andy Ranier, I’m right or number 54. I’m in Cedar Key, Florida. My last bonus, Guard, the Scammers, Clam Bar and Grill, and I’m calling from headquarter is Hot Coffee.”

“This is Kevin Craft,rider 63.My last order was an LOINext bonuses, COD,and as a Canadian,I couldn’t resist when I saw this, the nearest town,was either crossing Nebraska.”

“This is rider, Chris Kastner, rider number, 46. I just passed some little, tiny, tiny, tiny town called Lexington,Nebraska. And the last bonus I scored was Nellie, and I’m going into Denver to get caught.And, so far, I’m having a blast. I’m pretty sure I’m not anywhere near first, but I’m still haven’t bought. So, that’s it.”

“You.Hello.It is Rebecca McAllen, and Mountain Little we are brighter number 35 at current location is belt buckle Tennessee.The last bonus with God wasje en be be here at belt buckle. And the next one we’re aiming for, is TN M a. In Memphis. And every time we take Irene Coats off, it’s sunny. And every time we put our anchor it back on again, it rains on it. So, Lisa is clearly got, the weather got data has, again, Thank you.”

“My name is Joe Fisher. My radar number, 73, am currently an island, New York State.I suppose I scored was And why, P Why? The words large bank at Gretel Edge bonus, I’m having far as a candlelight families, Memory Cafe. Thank you, back.”

“This is Mike Best, Writer 41.Location is Burlington, Vermont. Last, bought a sports field, TPU, next Core expertise. And why P Y Again, like best rider 41. Burlington, Vermont. Last bonus: the TPU, next November Yankee Poppy Yankee.”

“This is James at play, making my insurance call. This is a cancel James separately, Router 48. I am in kingsville Ohio.Bye last bonus was and Why? Why Big Rental Pancake Girl.And I’m on the way to Columbus for the ohh H D Valdez.Alright, thank you.You.”

“Hello. This is Kayla and John Kerr, your favorite daddy dot to do all of riders on this. But Riley R rider number is 44, the best perfect number.We are right. Where we again have a good or an Evergreen Alabama, a little gas stations. It’s Ashley.You.And we just helped April kill. Bagel walked inside the gas as big as ours. We, the last month we went to was G A T.Got up in Atlanta, Georgia.And we’re on our way to L a N. Ohh. To get some Ben Yeas and New Orleans, Louisiana, and we are just live in our best lives over here.Everything, I think that’s everything. Well, if you want to hear anything, Princess massage, you know just give us a call back in, or just having the time of our lives. So we’ll see in Tulsaciao.”

“Hi, there. This is Kevin Baker Rider9. 5, 9? 5.Ken?You.five Myers Bill, Marilyn,my last bonus.Bye,Baltimore.It was the N D B A C community Baltimore heading toKentucky.After I do my desktop,the code for the puppy Bonuses K Y W.Number fire to leave.You.”

“Mike, hi camp. Rider number 13, I’m in Humboldt, Town, Pennsylvania,I asked last scored the Hershey bonus.The museum.And then my next bonus is probably going to be my arrest owner,but still to be determined by.”

“Russian, Cathy, Neil, or Writer, 58.Currently, we’re in Biloxi, Mississippi.That last bonus that we scored a real bonus was Gadd, G A tea. Got a N one and into along the way. We’re on the way to plateau in New Orleans.Man,that’s, it’s been, it’s been a good day. We’ve got a nice tour of the Atlanta airport looking for a snake. Shake Shack or what the **** ever that will Shake Shack. It’s in the airport, but we had a nice little right around in circles there,OK. Alright, that’s it, bye, bye.”