Winner of the 2023 Iron Butt Rally Poster

Hey Lisa, Tulsa was awesome,
but we need major weather events here… and here.
Ian Crafar

Honorable Mentions

And he said unto them, “Go forth and rally.”
Jess Tayloe

And on the 8th day the Rallymaster said “Ride far, be smart, don’t take other riders’ forgotten flags, and stay away from gas station sushi.” Riders rallied. And it was good.
Eric James

Now… if we take the abnormal distribution seen here…
Rick Allies

You are Free to Move About the Country
Tim Schutter

After the plagues of deer, rain, and primary chain failures, the Rallymaster parted the riders and created a path through the prairie states to the promised banquet in Pittsburgh.
Kory Morehead

No good choice will go unpunished!
Bob Mutchler

In the age of radar detectors, aux fuel cells, and GPS routing software, nothing beats the wizardry and tricks of an experienced Rallymaster.
Stephen Diets

OK, who forgot to print pages 43-47 of the Leg 3 bonuses?!
Nelson Delgado

Riders’ numbers, on the wall… Who’s the toughest of them all?
Mark Medlin

Jeff Earls to Moses – Hold my beer; I’ll show you how it’s done nowadays.
Lynne Carey