They’ve Been Everywhere! – Leg 2 & Bingo Card Rider Bonus Photos

The riders in the 2023 IBR spanned the US and Canada during the event. We pulled a sampling of the riders’ submitted bonus photos to show where they’ve been. Across this gallery, and the galleries for Leg 1 and Leg 3, every rider who submitted photos in scoring is represented with no duplications on locations.

Road Kill Cafe Selfies

During rally development we identified four “Road Kill” restaurant locations around the US. One was in each quadrant of the continental US: Northwest, Southwest, Southeast, and Northeast. These were Holly’s Road Kill Saloon in McLeod, Montana, the famous Road Kill Cafe on Route 66 in Seligman, Arizona, another Road Kill Cafe in Elberta, Alabama, and yet another Road Kill Cafe in Artemas, Pennsylvania. The location in Artemas, Pennsylvania is roughly…

Detailed Final Standings Posted

… days ago. Detailed final standings are available on the Iron Butt Association website. There are links to the scorecards for each rider who completed at least Leg 1, including bonuses collected, along with their photo and additional information. A link is also available on this website’s Rally Data > Standings page.


James Owen has won the 2023 Iron Butt Rally. This is his 3rd Iron Butt Rally win and he recorded the second highest mileage ever ridden during the rally. James rode his 2022 BMW R1250RT 14,138 miles in 11 days and collected 151,821 points. He previously won the rally in 2009 and 2017. James is the only two-time winner and is now the only three-time winner of the IBR. James…

Home Cooking

As of 9:05am local time, one hour and 5 minutes into the penalty points, all riders were either checked in here at the Marriott in Pittsburgh or accounted for if not going to be able to finish in time. We will have more details and finish results later, along with all the great photos from Tobie. Until then, here are a few photos of arrivals and scoring from my phone….