Unfortunately, the end of Leg 1 saw one rider and one two-up team withdraw from the Rally. Pat Ford, an IBR Vet, decided that this was not his time and headed home. Knowing when you are not on your usual game is an important skill and Pat recognized he was not where he wanted to be. He broke the news to the RallyMom at Checkpoint 1. We wish him well and safe travels home.

Two-up team Alex Alpert and Vicki Leroux had a great ride and was in 17th  place at the end of Leg 1. Sadly, family matters called them home and they let the RallyMom know they would not continue with Leg 2 of the rally. We wish them well and safe travels and hope they find things better when they arrive at home.

Despite several riders looking like it might be close getting to Checkpoint 1 in time on the Spotwalla tracking screen, there was only one rider who checked in after 8:00pm, receiving a few penalty points. He will be riding Leg 2, along with the rest of the competitors.