Rally staff thanks all of the people who entertained us with speculation about hidden messages in the rally poster. Here are some of the theories we heard:

  • From the FJR Forum on 6/18/23: “Wow! Third leg is six days long. Denver to Chicken, AK is 3000 miles. Then to Pittsburgh is 6700 total. And there is a chicken on the poster…”
  • The chicken crossing the road… Maybe a choice for the riders about a transcontinental option or a food theme option? (editor note: BINGO on the food theme guess!!)
  • Is that a Key West chicken?
  • 5 items in the poster means 5 bonus categories, and “Exit 23” in the road sign supports that because 2+3=5.
  • The direction the geese are flying must mean we’re going to Canada.
  • The peach water tower is in Georgia; there’s a Road Kill Cafe in New Hampshire; the lake looks like the lake of oil created near Bakersfield due to a gusher from an oil drill; the cow must represent the Omaha stockyards; and so on. (editor note: Nope, nope, nope, and nope.)