Call-in messages during this leg, as usual, range from concise to Caleigh.

“This is Bruce Edwards,a writer or nine.Outside of Green Bay, Wisconsin.I last honest, M O N.Next, honest, W I M AYou.” – Bruce Edwards

“Good morning Stan top runner or 56, My Location as Paycheck Arizona. Last score was pressed to date next subheading for. Have also been Denver.” – Daniel Duvall

“This is Keith, under dollars or 61. I am and fabulous, Las Vegas, Nevada. My last bonus, CA Al Santa Monica Pier,my next bonus.I find a logo?Thanks,You.” – Keith Underdahl

“Hello. This is Steve, camera and writers number. Or we are in North Ranch Unit four.Just came from really Minnesota, where we went to the Boat House, Mike,and we’re headed into Minneapolis given our trip burger signnumber.OK?” – Stephen and Tamara Vook

“You.Yes, good morning. Or good afternoon,this is Jeff Chauncey rather number 1 1 1current location is Pat Taos, New Mexico.Last bonus score waspattern baldness and PTSD. Remember, like Tangobonus I paid forColorado Rocky Mountains School,Charlie, Oscar, Charlie, Alpha, C, O, C, K,Guys, have a great day.” – Jeff Chauncey

“Good morning, IPR. Steph, this is Steve Russo, calling it Rider number 89. Currently, and I think it’s pronounced by the talk Wisconsin, I just picked up the W I M, A bonus at the Wisconsin for Discovery Center Decks, Photoshop heading to is a S, see the big popcorn bowl, and so far, so good that, the nice paper, right, so, talk to you soon.” – Steve Rufo

“Hi, Abby, our staff, it’s J Bolinger writer 81, currently an error or lockArizona, or excuse me, Aaron Berg, Arizona, the blast. furnace that I picked up was a C K P and I am headed for CA, S M note this is my second call and kind of the belt but the suspenders approach to this call and Webinar. So, it should be a duplicate, duplicate, but, wanted to double check. Thank You.” – Jay Bolinger

“Might take you up again by the 30th Ridgeville, Arizona.I don’t go phoning. For the concrete stone, it.Don’t know,so slow sideandOrgot to go on their next, I’d like to know about other restaurant putting on holdto make the timeForgot to mention I’ve never lived with GeorgiaNo, right or left because I doMinnesota, North Dakota.Hey!” – Mike Heitkamp

“Hello, this is MartinRider number 38th, I believe, Hassling, Sam Simon.Last fall, and I, like, I like it, was last night. It was T X T,and I’m heading a Z, a PNow.Thanks, John, and good morning.OK,I listen to the fascia.Hello.Some inspirationwant Pirates,…run into a problem, Science the **** out of this problem, by, everything was great, right up until the exposure…!” – Troy Martin

“Well, good morning. This is Ben Ernst and I’m right, or number 52. I am currently in manitowoc, Wisconsin and I just scored WI M A where I have a good of a time driving a car…. and my next bonus is going to be rest because I am smoked.Youlearned a valuable lesson last night.Cannot sleep outsidein Minnesota.You will get eaten alivelesson learned. Goodnight.” – Ben Ernst

“Hi, This is Chris from Jocelyn, Kristen Walden. Writer number nine, We’re currently in Manitoba, Wisconsin Law Students with a Healthy to Nick for Mississippi ICR. Thanks for having a great time by. God, Chris, nobody can understand that your brush. Hey, This is talking and McGinnis were rider number 0 9 and we’re in Manitowoc, Wisconsin we were an I L C H not, H, I L C H two. W, I R C, Hope you guys are doing well, and made it to Denver OK, and we’ll see you all soon,you got my name, will be called name again, This should? I did call, Alright, so we’re talking in any way, you like that, but I don’t know why we’re, that does.We’ve been together to longer sounds like an old married couple of data, or even ordered the same breakfast you reported. This is also recorded. Oh! Oh, no! OK, thanks, guys, bye!” – Kirsten Talken-Spaulding & Chris McGaffin

“Burger, 1 9 breaker on nine, I’m looking for that.Perfect at it can get to your zone.Anyway, she got to Jim, Greg.Andyeah, I was justdown there at the Applied Stones upon us,but it had nothing to do with the fund sounds. But anyways, that was W I M ABack on my donkey there. Andyeah, pointed toward.The record one, W I C K.I think that’s when it’s going to be about chairs cuz it’s Rick.But anyways. I am currentlystate of confusion. No, no, no, no, that’s not what you’re looking for.See?See?See,the town I’m inis?Lucy, to see if I can figure out what town.I’m going to talk called Marathon Wisconsin.So I think that gets me everything that you need.You got to, you got my name.Oh! Yeah. So my IQ is No, no, no. ****.My routing number, order number is 98. Yes. almost messed up.So I think that gets everything you need.Keep the Sally side up and the dirty shutdown.And this is Jim Craig,started off.” – Jim Craig

“Alright, so manasseh, the sports regarding wasn’t good enough time to go though, and again. This isCarolyn, John Kerr, webinar number. two favorite data, data, or do I just got out of Lafayette, Indiana. And never listen to Hamilton where it’s like I’m playing the dress code making rather with blood stain and I’m never gonna stop and, you know, get used to it.OK, yeah, we just core to our best to bonus in Lafayette. And we’re headed to CH two M.We can make a lot of high tech. So we made a good judgement and we weren’t stupid. You’re welcome Lisa, thank you for that advice, cuz I told that about it.And we’re going to keep having so much fun. We’re number one winners for that.Anyway, You guys are awesome.” – Jon & Caleigh Kerr