The riders weren’t as chatty on this 4th and final round of call-ins as they were in the previous ones, but the voice-to-text transcription algorithm still spit out plenty of silly messages. The time window for this call-in bonus closed at 2pm Eastern time today, with several riders having missed the time window though they are still moving.

“Coal, fire, Brighter Number, 40,Beaumont, Texas.Last bonus was T X T L X Bonus, L, A M.” — Paul Meyer

“My name is JD Smith. My ride. her number is 37 current cities. Chatham Ontario. Last bonus is M I E, next bonuses, QCDR.” — JD Smith

“This is Robert Kobo,Rider number 31,current location in Nashville, Illinois,last donuts,Then an AG.Next bonus,I N M Ithis is my third item, but, rarely, but, the first time, with no technical issues. This is absolutelythrilling. And at first for me, I’d like to keep it like this until the finishThis is or isn’t doubt iton the South Nick on flattishthis was Bavarian.Let’s see if your software can handle it.You,you?” — Robert Koeber

“Name,Eric, Marcus,rider number is 80.My location is Ormond Beach, Florida.Last bonus I scored was arrested for.Next bonus I’m heading for is S See, S, you.” — Eric Marcus

“Hi. This is John and Kelly Kerr writers number 40. Somewhere in Kidney Nova Scotia right near pugwash.Dad just wanted to say that up. And, we just scored P, E O L.And Prince Edward Island with amazing, beautiful, absolutely. Gorgeous. Like, we need to take will get a sidecar next time. So you can come because I literally turn into Adam Green gables and I am not disappointed. And I’m grateful unhappy that we when we wrote around for four hours on the Island, just loving it. Because why not? So we did PEO and now we are on our way to enter the group. And we are loving. This is gorgeous. Yeah? We’re going on the scenic route. And also the GPS try to take us on berry. That’s not there. Sohello to kind, but that’s OK. We’re living the dream, right? Guys,You.” — Caleigh & Jon Kerr

“Hey, good morning, this is ride their number to deny the card with my shoulder.I am in junction taxes.Andmy last bonus was B, three,that while.Winners Mitchell.Andmy next book, Thethe X L E.Thanks.Bye.Said went dead.Largest pickup.So,there, So he got into my shot the numbers, this Deny,calling from Judge it, don’t jump that. Thelast one was B, As in Boy, three.That’s one D en be ACH,S E.Alright.They care, the all Friday.” — Ricardo Machado

“Yes. this is Danny document.Rider Number 23Ireland men I owe my Dorain the Florida Keys.My last bonus wasFL,K IMy next bonus is F L K W.It is too hot and humid to have any kind of cute clips in quotes. So, there you go.” — Danny Dossman

“This is Mike, the strider 40, why try this again?I have seven miles East, if you could carry in Mexico.I left bonus was at the LD November sector, Lima VictorBonus is alpha Lima, echo lima.Had it’s hot.” — Mike Best

“Good morning. This is Emily Ellie, why? Rider number 48, I am currently in. New Brunswick. My last bonus location wasL E V be moxley Moose laska. I can just pay off our RASK phone so I’m not exactly sure Arrest photos was. Super onto. The next bonus I’m heading to is, P O M S M C.Almost over getting, getting the day nine days, now. So between this lovely Nova Scotia whether. We’ll see you back tomorrow.” — James Epley

“You.Hello, this is Justin Long, ride or 32. I’m in a Walkie Brunswick.The last place I left on a site visit visited with P O L, the Potato Museum. Next one I’m heading to is M, seewhatever that is. Nova Scotia.The reports of my rally flags demise are greatly exaggerated if somebody’s paddle Bonnie. It is once again, in my possessionand re-assessing priorities.As I’m standing here at a gas station in Iran,hope all is well.” — Justin Long

“This is Phil Becker writer Number 65. I’m in Carlsbad, New Mexico.The last bonus I was thatwas an ever see, see, am I OK,T O.” — Phil Becker

“Hello. This is John Koons by rider is Number is five.The last bonus I picked up was.What? turkey?Thousand 101.And I am headed toOBL, Alabama.That’s going to allow you.Good morning.Yo, Yo, Alberta, Alabama.I may or may not pick up stuff on my way depending on what time you might have Any.Already checked the list,my name or numberOh my location where I am now,I know I got off the freeway. And there’s nothing here except this whole Tammy gas station and it says ….Bye.SoI’d like there’s no townthought I 40.So I can give you an exact number,cuz I’m close to the GPS here.Looks like 243, A exit 243, 8.It says marker on that time, but there’s no town here.Alright,I’ll see you later.” — John Coons