These are examples of voice-to-text transcriptions of riders testing the call-in system. They may not be accurate, but they provide us a lot of entertainment.

Hello, this is Jeff Hall Quest.This is my second call in the Series A testingA writer numbers yet to be assigned a current location in New Bern, North Carolina,last fall, the score was a 1 to 3 X bonus Headed to, isa4, 5, 6.Thank you.

… Ramos, wider number 70,current location, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,Last Bonus Gorge.Falls Church Virginia. Next, though, let Mary, yep.HotelIn Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Hello. This is. Steve. Ever filled. My order number is 99. My location is Pittsburgh, My last location, nor the last bonus I scored was York and my next bonus is going to be London.And I think that’s it….youYou?

This is Craig Harrisrider number6, 3 4, 9 9.My current locationisDo Castle Pennsylvania.Last ownerswasbeRBR,Start Odometer Check.And, I am headed to my next bonus,is back to the IVR finish of the odometer check.

Law come as, it’s Kirsten, and yet to be picking up, Chris. I have no idea what all rider number will be, but right now I’m 404, but I’m not completely lost by location. I happen to know it is sitting at the table in my room in Fredericksburg, and lost bonus that I scored I don’t know was too long ago. I have no idea.And the next one is that I’m heading to. Is the Dulles Airport to go pick up my writing me? Hope you guys are doing well, and I’ll see you all soon,…?