Day -1  Indigestion?

Day -1 Indigestion?

The Sunday night Start Banquet featured chicken or pork, with sides and salad, plus great dessert choices. It was all very tasty and no one should have indigestion as a result of the food. However, some riders may be ralphing, instead of routing, as they try to digest the contents of the rally packets which were handed out at the end of the meal. This rally is shaping up to…

Public Spotwalla Tracking Page is Live

The public Spotwalla tracking page is now live at the link below. ID numbers are reassigned on a regular basis. All motorcycles are currently impounded in the hotel parking lot and riders are ready to go starting at 10AM EDT. This link will remain on the Tracking page under the Rally Data Menu on this website.

Day -2  Smooth Operation

Day -2 Smooth Operation

The 2023 IBR poster was revealed this morning in the lobby of the host hotel. It immediately went viral on the internet and the speculation started in earnest. Riders are always looking for clues to the rally bonuses, some of which tend to be “Easter eggs” in the poster design. This activity is not helpful for planning the rally, but it never fails to create much speculation … and a…

More Test Call-Ins

These are examples of voice-to-text transcriptions of riders testing the call-in system. They may not be accurate, but they provide us a lot of entertainment. Hello, this is Jeff Hall Quest.This is my second call in the Series A testingA writer numbers yet to be assigned a current location in New Bern, North Carolina,last fall, the score was a 1 to 3 X bonus Headed to, isa4, 5, 6.Thank you….

Day -3   Gathering Ingredients

Day -3 Gathering Ingredients

Well … here we go again. The 2023 Iron Butt Rally (IBR) is about to get under way. The IBR is known as the “11 days, 11,000 miles” motorcycle rally where riders are challenged to route to bonus locations which will allow them to collect the most points possible during each of the three legs of the event. There are no allowances for weather, traffic conditions, mechanical failures, mishaps, performance…

Outtakes Day -3

Every year riders have the opportunity to grab some very easy points by simply completing Call In Bonuses. All they need to do is call the rally phone number, leave their name, rider number, location, last bonus collected, and next bonus planned. Simple, eh? One might think so. But history has proven leaving those five pieces of information is much more difficult to get correct while on the side of…

Welcome to the New IBR Website

How and Why If you’ve followed the Iron Butt Rally over the years, you can see that we’re using a new vehicle this year to distribute rally info in real time. In the past, the daily reports were posted on the Iron Butt webpage and that was fine. Until it wasn’t. For an event where things change seemingly every time the phone rings, we found getting a report together that…