What would the IBR be without a BMW final drive failure on Day 11?

Sjef Vanderaa’s 2014 R1200GSA BMW has apparently suffered a final drive failure in NC on the way to the finish. Reportedly, the Ashville BMW dealer doesn’t have parts and told him he just needed to truck it home to Canada. WTH?

Forward progress halted x2:

Reef AsSadiq’s Indian Challenger apparently has a clutch problem and lost forward motion. We have given him some suggested things to check, but if they do not work and the issue is internal, he may not be able to arrive on time.

John Coons was stuck on I-65 south near Montgomery due to a stand off between Alabama State Troopers and some perpetrator which closed the entire interstate. But he appears to be moving north again, the first vehicle through the blockade after law enforcement from 3 jurisdictions cleared the blockade. Which meant open road for Mr. Coons to make time riding north.

We are the government and we are here to help…

Biden decided to visit New York today. The Secret Service apparently has New York City shut down around the two NY bonus locations a lot of riders need to collect. One of those bonuses is part of a large combo which adds 6512 points over and above the individual bonus points. Lisa is in charge of weather, Jeff has the roads, who has the government shutdowns? Mike?

The headline for the local CBS affiliate is hazardous air quality in Pittsburgh due to the Canadian wildfires. The map is not showing the red and purple over the city we saw this morning, but it is still an issue for anyone outside.

What else could go wrong in the last 16 hours of the rally? Stay tuned!