During rally development we identified four “Road Kill” restaurant locations around the US. One was in each quadrant of the continental US: Northwest, Southwest, Southeast, and Northeast. These were Holly’s Road Kill Saloon in McLeod, Montana, the famous Road Kill Cafe on Route 66 in Seligman, Arizona, another Road Kill Cafe in Elberta, Alabama, and yet another Road Kill Cafe in Artemas, Pennsylvania.

The location in Artemas, Pennsylvania is roughly 2.5 hours from the finish hotel in Coraopolis, PA. This meant that many riders would choose this as their last bonus on the way to the barn. We thought we might have a little fun with that.

The bonus instructions read: “Take a photo of the restaurant building showing either of the “Roadkill Cafe” signs on the front of the restaurant and your own face with your helmet off. Yes, we want a selfie photo here. Your rally flag is not required for this photo.

We wanted to see their faces on that last night. No helmets allowed. Staff may be regretting that decision as a couple of these guys look like people the FBI would like to have come in for a chat. We also want whatever Ben Ernst had in his tank bag.

Nine of our top ten finishers chose this bonus at the end of their rally.