“Hello, Rally, Steph. This is rider six denied. Ricardo, my shadow.And Iran.Oceanside, California.My last bonus wasC A I R.Ofmy legs, banos,it will be C, A O X.Though, it’s Ricardo my shadow, rather 69,in Oceanside CaliforniaLast Banos, D A I R.Theory, right. Just sauce in.are, when they are California lags, Banos,D O S,Chaos.And the ocean of flying pigs in Oceanside, California.Have a good day, beautiful weather.And I started to head overtwoPittsburgh.Do you own a few days? Thank you.” — Ricardo Machado

“Hi. This is Dan Stephanie calling.Dryer number 14.I’m about 40 miles west, Belmont, Texas, at the rest stop.The last bonus score was the cannot stay in.It’s … includesthe next boss I’m heading for it was I’m going to pick up a lot of burger in Beaumont or somewhere right up the road. And then after that, the actual real bonus on the left is in your enthusiasm.Youhold on, or maybe the boy’s name that would be L a M, doesn’t have the alien. I sent you an e-mail with all my exciting things that happened yesterday, including getting a hold of me,was super fun, and I’m expecting to make it to Florida Keys. That’s the ultimate destination port. You’re not.Thank you very much.” — Dan Stephans II

“This is Sandy. Becky. Rider number 11.I’m currently in Beaver, Utah, which God love Accounting Beaver. My last bonus was UPS Cell and Salt Lake City, My next bonus, M P L E N,Las VegasHaving a great time now that I quit raining, and see you guys on Friday. Goodbye.” — Andy Mackey

“Bye.Hi. It’s Chris Kaiser calling, I’m rider 46, and I am located in,Am I, I’m lost?Remember the Anderson piece, you sign,whatever that is,Della, Don, California. And,obviously, the last bonus I claimed was…, which is the Anderson pea soup thing and the next one should be rest or some kind of food bonus.Thank you.” — Chris Kasdorf

“Logan, this is Colleen done sooner or rider number 44 right now. We’re on a very nice day,you,Michigan.OK.Because that, either?Then we did back, in the way. We can often.And,yeah, that’s all that we need. We drove 2000 miles per foot, yet. But you.” — Jon & Caleigh Kerr

A recorded non-bonus message from Jim and Karen Handley is best enjoyed by listening to the recording at this link.
Here’s their actual call-in: “Bye.OK,this is Karen. Jim, happily rider for 60 Kerr.On inter-state 84 West 2,Oregon City to collect a burger bill at bonus.Bye.Location, eyelash.Claim was U T S Lhope everything is going well, aware and wonderful Weber,and we’ll see you at the finish.” — Karen and Jim Handley

“Hi, this is Corey, your rider. Number 108. My current location is Good River, Oregon. My last bonus was our HR.And my next bonus is a burger bill in a Baja, Oregon.” — Corey Ure

“Current work, right, or 22?Location is red pill Arkansas.Bonus score was one row.X bonus I’ve had it for is, M S, Why C?I live in California because they community here in the south-east, is Groups.You have a good day.” — Kurt Worden

“This is Ted cabling, rider number 101. I have about 10 miles past Turtle by you on I 10 at the rest area, Texas, my last bonus, plus T, X, L G, my exponent’s L a M with the possibility of winter schedule it. Thank you.” — Ted Capling

“Hello? Yes, this is Jeff Chauncey, Router number 111. My current location is just a few miles east, Oceanside, California Last Bonus score plus. The Flying Pig COTA C A O S. And my next Plant Bonus is the camel theory.Though a scandal theory, which is C A R Athought you guys a couple days.” — Jeff Chauncey

“Hi, this is Mike Riley, I am writer number 15. I am currently in partly sunny, downtown Austin, Minnesota,where I have just gone the M in a spam museum bonus. who would have thought it.Next bars are going to see Ohh N, TB, Thunder Bay, Ontario.Everything is good,…, good, morning, goodgoodness for war.Have a great day.” — Mike Riley

“Byehello, this is Cole tree bone.This is Chris and fellow Wiltshire. We are right number 97 we are in Pullman Washington.We’ve just been too I D D O. Next, we are heading to W E A P, you Thank you very much, and have a nice day.” — Chris and Stella Wiltshire

“…, ice, hockey rider number 27 I just claim the cheese cake. I’m sorry, the cheese straw. And that’s why I’m at And I am on my way to A LCC and Alabama and have a good time. Again, at the cheese straw factory, just claim that bonus and I’m heading out to Alabama. Thanks.” — Bucky Dent

“Hello. This is Doug Vance, Rider Number, 1002, just speaking a sick call, just to make sure that the first call went through. My current location is Clinton data. Alaska, this high score, was W, a, tea you. My next bonus I’m scoring, is W T C L. Again, my name is Doug Vance Grider Number 102, my current location is Clinton, Montana. My last photo scored is Doug was W, a. tea. You? next? Summer hit for is W T C L.Thank you.” — Doug Vance

“Hello, this is Ron MessickRider Number 45I’m now and you can California.Getting ready to pick up. Cabo CA be you.After that, I’m headed down South to chaos, or C H O NThought we got a bad.” — Ron Messick

“I am Ignacio Moroni, rather number 93, right now. I am not a fad in Georgia. My previous bonus was GA,H, E, My Next, Bonuses,K I.” — Ignacio Merani

“This is Troy martin Rider number 38. I’m currently sitting in Ralph, 10, Ontario, Canada,and the last bonus I got was M, I. Am I? need of a place? And the next one, I’m heading towards a QCDR. So, yeah, I want to go back to the Island at some point that was amazing, the smells wereincredible. The combination of Fudging horse **** just makes it amazing.” — Troy Martin

“Hi, this is Rider Number 28, Wolf Bomb. I am in Long Beach, Washington, I just sort of a fixed price.W A L L E N I am heading to W A E Zyou very much.” — Wolfe Bonham