James Owen has won the 2023 Iron Butt Rally. This is his 3rd Iron Butt Rally win and he recorded the second highest mileage ever ridden during the rally. James rode his 2022 BMW R1250RT 14,138 miles in 11 days and collected 151,821 points. He previously won the rally in 2009 and 2017. James is the only two-time winner and is now the only three-time winner of the IBR. James lost points due to being in the penalty window at the finish but had enough to still win. If he had arrived 12 minutes later, he would have finished 2nd. But he timed it perfectly and pulled off what many considered impossible…again.

Mike Heitkamp rode a great rally and finished second on his 2015 BMW R1200GSA with 151,128 points and 13,095 miles. Only 693 points behind James, covering 1,043 fewer miles.

Mike Best finished third on his 2018 Honda Goldwing GL1800 with 147,663 points and 13,059 miles.

In the “One of Them” appetizer posted yesterday; this line was included:

“There are also vets pushing through the night who cannot get enough of this pressure cooker and believe they can catch lightning in a bottle once again.”

James Owen has certainly caught lightning in a bottle, thrice now. Congratulations and well done!

We expect to have a follow up with more details from leg three in a few days.

Complete results are here: https://www.ironbuttrally.net/standings/