Just after 5:00am, Bambi threw herself in front of Lisa Rufo/Molly Hecker, riding two up. They were traveling westbound on I88, just west of Delkalb, IL. Lisa and the bike took quite a tumble; Molly was more fortunate.

Steve told The RallyMom that Lisa says she’s fine and wants to continue on. Of course she does, she doesn’t give up easily. However, first she’ll have an ambulance ride to check out the nearest local hospital. As we all know, plastic v. asphalt doesn’t make for a fair fight and her bike has reportedly seen its last mile. But we’re only worried about the gals and Steve. This may have been hardest on him. More as we know it.

Latest update: Molly is reported to be fine and Lisa has been released from the hospital. Steve is continuing with his rally. Lisa is going to see how she feels tomorrow and will decide at that point whether to find a bike and continue the rally or focus on recovery. We are all thankful that Lisa is out of the hospital and able to consider her options.